When ecological goalposts shift

When ecological goalposts shift

Fire in landscape

Event location: Dickson, ACT
Event date: 14 February 2017
Event time: 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Contact: EPD_communications@act.gov.au

EPSDD/EIANZ Environmental seminar series

Threatened ecological communities and broader terrestrial ecosystems of south eastern Australia are affected by a range of factors including development proposals and fire. The extent and quality of ecosystems are mapped and listed on relevant registers, and managed to protect vulnerable communities. In the case of fire, human settlements themselves can be threatened. Changes to the criteria used to define threatened communities leads to discontinuity between the observed and mapped extent of those communities.

How do we correlate observed and mapped extent of vegetation communities in the face of changing criteria? How do we balance fire management for protection of life and property as well as the environment?

The seminar will explore how changing ecological patterns and processes are considered and mapped when planning to protect threatened ecological communities, life and property.

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