Energy Efficiency

Man changing incandescent light bulb for energy efficient light bulb

The ACT has some of the lowest electricity and gas prices in the country but our cold winters mean we use a lot of energy for heating. There is more we can all do to reduce the amount of energy we use in our homes and businesses without compromising on our comfort and convenience.

By improving our energy efficiency we can reduce and get more out of the amount of energy we use. Improving energy efficiency helps us in other ways. It keeps energy price hikes as low as possible. And it delays the need to invest in new infrastructure to meet the energy needs of the Territory's growing population.

The ACT Government is working to improve the energy efficiency of our homes, buildings and appliances through many programs and policies. Here are some examples of the Actsmart programs:

Home Energy Advice Service,

Home Energy Efficiency Program for low income households, and

Business Energy and Water Programs.

Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme: this scheme requires ACT electricity retailers to meet energy saving targets by encouraging households to improve their energy use. More than 50,000 households have participated in the scheme, run by the government's Environment and Planning Directorate.

Energy Saving House Calls: These are FREE and easy to book online or by calling ActewAGL on 1300 789 002. An authorised installer will install free energy saving products, such as standby power controllers, energy efficient light bulbs (including LED downlights) and draught stoppers at a time that suits you.

ActewAGL’s Fridge Buyback Scheme: this scheme arranges to take away your old fridge or freezer, dispose of it responsibly and give eligible customers a $30 rebate on their next electricity bill.