There are more electronic devices in our lives than ever before, with smartphones, tablets and a whole host of new kitchen gadgets being released. So, how can you enjoy the benefits of new technology and reduce your energy use at the same time?

Buy wisely

  • Compare the energy efficiency of appliances by using the energy-rating label

Audit your current energy use

  • Borrow a Home Energy Action Kit from an ACT Public Library & do an audit of the energy used by your appliances

Be wary of standby power

  • Standby power is the power used to keep a device on, so that it takes less time to fully turn on. It's sometimes referred to as ‘vampire’ energy, because it sucks energy even when you aren't using the appliance
  • Install a standby power controller or an energy-saving power board to use with TVs and computers

Make other simple changes

  • Avoid using appliances during peak times, which is typically between 7-9 am and 5-8 pm
  • Don’t leave appliances running when you’re not using them
  • Use power-saving options on computers, smart televisions and game consoles
  • Don’t overcharge appliances such as mobiles and rechargeable batteries
  • Use timer switches for heaters and appliances to automatically turn on and off at prescribed times