Make a power call

Save up to $400 by making a power call

Here's are some tips to help you choose the right energy provider

Before you call, you should find out:

  • Who is your current provider?
  • Which tariff have you signed up to?
  • What is your daily kWh consumption?
  • What sort of meter does your home have?
  • How much energy did you use last quarter?
  • How does your current bill compare with the same quarter last year? (dollars and kWh)

Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Is my current energy plan the best one for me?
  • What is the lowest cost plan you can provide me?
  • What deals and discounts can you offer me?
  • Am I eligible for a government concession?
  • How can I lower my energy bill?

Ensure you have your most recent bill handy, to help you answer any questions the provider may ask.