Rebates and subsidies

Heating upgrades

Winter is the time where we traditionally use the most amount of electricity and gas, but there are plenty of rebates on offer to help you save energy and reduce your bill.

Discounted battery storage

One of the largest household battery roll-outs has begun with the ACT Government providing $25 million in funding through its Next Generation Energy Storage Program. It'll provide batteries to up to 5000 homes and businesses by 2020. Learn more about discounted battery storage.

Removing old refrigerators

The ACT Government's Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme supports ActewAGL’s Fridge Buyback Scheme, which can take away old fridges or freezers from households, responsibly dispose of them and give eligible customers a $30 rebate on their next electricity bill.

Utilities concession

The combined utilities concession is an annual rebate of up to a maximum of $604 to help eligible consumers with utility bills, including water, sewerage, gas and electricity. The concession is for both home owners and renters who have the eligible concession cards.

No interest loan scheme

Care Financial Services Inc and the Salvation Army deliver the 'No Interest Loan Scheme' in partnership with the ACT Government. The scheme provides subsidies for low income households to purchase energy efficient appliances to the value of:

  • $300 for energy efficient refrigerators;
  • $200 for freezers;
  • $500 for split systems and;
  • $200 for a limited number of washing machines.

Solar for low income

The Solar for Low Income program will provide financial assistance to eligible low income households to install solar panels. This program launched in December 2017.

ActewAGL Energy Support Fund

ActewAGL’s Energy Support Fund provides direct support to help cover energy bills through a system of vouchers. These vouchers are distributed by community groups that provide emergency relief services. The fund includes contributions of $250,000 by both the ACT Government and ActewAGL. For more information, please contact ActewAGL on 1300 136 008.