New funding schemes announced in Canberra!

New funding schemes announced in Canberra!

Two new grant schemes were announced in Canberra on 23 December 2016 – Innovation Connect ‘Renewables Stream’ and Direct Grants. These grants will help support the development of the ACT as an export-oriented hub for renewable energy innovation and investment.

  • Direct Grants Stream – Supports the demonstration and scale-up of new technologies and ventures, by providing direct financial support to businesses through grants of over $30,000.

More information on the Direct Grants scheme

  • Innovation Connect ‘Renewables Stream’ – Leveraging the ACT Government’s existing Innovation Connect grants program, up to $120,000 will be committed over the course of 2017 to the scheme. Up to $30,000 will be available per business, as well as accommodation within the Renewables Innovation Hub for the duration of the grant.

More information on the Innovation Connect Grants ‘Renewables Stream’ scheme

Funding for both grant schemes will come from the $12 million industry funded Renewable Energy Innovation Fund, which also supports trades training, research partnerships and innovative technology demonstration.