GreenPower electricity generated from renewable energy sources like the sun, wind, water and waste can help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions for just a few extra dollars on your electricity bill each week.

Accredited electricity retailers have a variety of accredited GreenPower options at different prices that include various percentages of electricity generated from renewable sources. The more GreenPower you purchase, the more you reduce your household's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some examples of how paying a little extra to switch to GreenPower could cut your greenhouse gas emissions:

  • $2.63 extra per week could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1.95 tonnes per year (or the equivalent of 0.45 cars off the road for a year).
  • $7.91 extra per week could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 5.85 tonnes per year (or the equivalent of 1.36 cars off the road for a year).
  • $10.50 extra per week could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 7.81 tonnes per year (or the equivalent of 1.82 cars off the road for a year).

The major renewable electricity generation types include:

  • solar photovoltaic and solar thermal electric systems
  • wind turbines and wind farms
  • hydro-electric power stations
  • biomass-fuelled power stations
  • geothermal power stations
  • wave and tidal power stations.

If you sign up for GreenPower, electricity equal to your GreenPower consumption will be generated from renewable sources and fed into the electricity grid. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the generation of electricity from fossil fuels.

  • GreenPower accredited electricity generators and providers have been through a very thorough Government accreditation process.
  • The GreenPower program ensures there is “publicly available independent auditing of energy retailers’ sales and purchases, making sure retailers are investing in renewable energy on you behalf”.
  • Renewable energy purchased by retailers to sell as GreenPower cannot be used by energy suppliers to meet their obligations under the Australian Government’s national Renewable Energy Target scheme - so extra renewable electricity has to be generated to supply your GreenPower.

More information

Visit the Australian Government's GreenPower site and see the GreenPower fact sheets.External Link