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How can I bring down Big Bill?

Contact the Home Energy Advice Service

I have a business and would like to reduce my carbon footprint, how can the ACT Government help me?

The ACT Government provides several programs to help ACT businesses save water and energy, and put more efficient waste management and recycling into action.

Are there any rebates to help me to install a rainwater tank?

The ACT Government does not currently provide a rebate to install a rainwater tank.

How can I tell if my toilet is leaking?

You can check if your toilet has a leak by adding a few drops of biodegradable food colouring to your toilet cistern. Don't flush for about one hour. If after this time the food colouring is visible in the toilet bowl, you have a leak and need to call a plumber to fix it. A slow, barely visible leak into your toilet bowl can waste more than 4,000 litres of water a year. Visible, constant leaks (with a hissing sound) can waste 95,000 litres a year.

Where can I get help to reduce my home's energy bills?

Energy saving information sheets contain tips for keeping cool or warm, insulating your home, and reducing energy consumption.

You can also borrow a Home Energy Action Kit from your local library so you can conduct your own home energy audit.

Do I need to wash out items before I put them into the recycling bin?

There is no need to wash items out – save water and just place them into your recycling bin.

Can I put aerosol cans into my recycling bin?

Yes - you can place empty aerosol cans like deodorant, hairspray and fly spray cans into your recycling bin.