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Commercial Cleaner Course

There is now a waste management course for commercial cleaners - ACTSmart Business and Office Cleaner

Commercial cleaners play a vital role in helping your business act smart with the environment, and that includes recycling and waste management.

Did you know that the Actsmart Business Program Cleaner course provides commercial cleaners with nationally recognised training? An added bonus is that the course is FREE (fully funded by the ACT Government).

What does this mean for businesses using an Actsmart-trained commercial cleaner? It saves money on waste management costs, helps the environment and projects a positive image of how a business cares about its own backyard. Choosing such a cleaner also helps responsible local business grow.

The Actsmart Business Program Cleaner Course trains on collecting and disposing waste and recyclable material, complying with regulations and adhering to occupational health and safety requirements.

A major focus is teaching cleaners how to recycle to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill. The course supports the Government's commitment to improve sustainability and reduce Canberra's carbon footprint. It also helps with the professional development of local commercial cleaners.

For more information, call Access Canberra on 13 22 81.