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Canberra's Electric Bike Library

Mother and daughter on e-bike Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint, save money and increase your physical and mental health? Do you need a hand carrying those bulky items? Are you sick of riding somewhere and arriving covered in sweat? Are you tired of looking for parking? Try an electric bike and discover a solution to those problems.

At the Canberra Electric Bike Library there are different styles of bikes you can borrow and try. The bikes can come fitted with accessories such as child seats, panniers, lights and locks so that you’re all set to carry what you need. Whether you would like to try a bike for carrying heavy loads, an electric cargo bike to use as a second car alternative, or a family bike for transporting your 'precious' cargo, there’s something for you to try.

Canberra Electric Bike Library is a pilot project operated by SEE-Change and supported by the ACT Government.

For loans contact SEE-Change via their website:

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