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Public Event Recycling Program


ACT residents are Australia's top recyclers at home and they expect to be able to recycle at public events too.

Reducing the amount of waste your event sends to landfill gives your event a good reputation and has other direct benefits, including your bottom line. Did you know, for example, that sending waste to a recycling centre is 50 per cent cheaper than tipping at landfill?

Why not become part of the Actsmart Public Event Recycling program? This FREE program is available to any event held in the ACT, large or small, including school fetes, community fairs, major music festivals and major sporting events.

Better still, being part of the program helps position your event as a progressive and proactive one that cares about the environment. You will be provided with a FREE Actsmart Public Event Guide, and other resources and tools to get you going.

For more information on the FREE Actsmart Public Event Recycling program, email or call Access Canberra on 13 22 81.