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Household Battery Storage

If you’re looking to invest in battery storage but need some more information, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some things you should know before choosing to install a solar battery system.

What is battery storage?

Batteries can be used to store energy from renewable and other sources, including from your rooftop solar panels.

How does it work?

Throughout the day, your rooftop solar panels capture energy from the sun, which is transformed into power for your home by an inverter. Excess energy generated by your solar panels is sent to your battery. This means you can use the stored energy to power your home when you need it most – including at night or when it’s overcast.

What subsidies are available?

The ACT Government is providing support for the installation of up to 5,000 battery storage systems in ACT homes and businesses. The amount of support can vary depending on the size of the system installed, but residential systems are typically eligible for around $4000 in support.

How can I access the subsidy?

The subsidies are available from eight battery storage providers, selected by the ACT Government after a competitive selection process. These providers are ActewAGL Retail, EPC Solar, Evergen, Harvey Normal Commercial Division, ITP Home Energy, Power Saving Centre, Solargain and Solarhub.*

To participate, you need to contact one of the battery storage providers.

For eligible battery storage systems, the subsidy is automatically included in the cost of the system quoted by the battery storage providers. The battery storage provider will be able to advise you which systems are eligible for the subsidy.

*DISCLAIMER: The ACT Government is not endorsing these companies or their products. Anyone considering battery storage should exercise their own judgement.

Why should I get battery storage?

Battery storage can help you save on energy bills. Storing your own energy means households and businesses can use it at peak times when electricity is most expensive to buy from the grid. Your battery provider can advise you on the best system for your household and estimate how much you can save on your energy bills.

Depending on the battery storage setup, you may also be able to access backup power during an outage.

The benefits don’t stop there. Tapping into the power of the sun helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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