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Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme

The ACT Government has been driving improvements to energy efficiency through the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS).

The EEIS requires electricity retailers in the ACT to meet energy saving targets and help households and businesses reduce emissions and energy costs. A Priority Household Target ensures that a proportion of the savings are delivered in low income households.The scheme was established under the Energy Efficiency (Cost of Living) Improvement Act 2012 and runs until the end of 2020.

The EEIS has achieved the following outcomes:

  • Delivered over 1 million energy saving items to over 70,000 ACT households and businesses.
  • Provided energy and cost savings to over 17,800 lower income, priority households.
  • Avoided more than 739,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.
  • Saved energy and costs through a range of different activities including:
    • Light globe replacement
    • Standby power controllers
    • Draught seals installed under doors
    • Ventilation sealing
    • Removing old, inefficient refrigerators
    • High efficiency instantaneous gas hot water systems
    • High efficiency heating and cooling
    • Commercial lighting upgrades

More information about the EEIS and amendments to the legislation can be found here.