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Switch off gas

Make the switch from gas to electric. It can save you money in connection fees and help the environment.

Making the switch from gas to electric will take time. Good times to consider making the switch are:

  • When your appliances are approaching end of life
  • When renovating your home or replacing existing appliances

Here are steps you can take to help you make the switch:

  • Upgrade your old gas appliances with energy efficient electric options. Electric hot water units and space heating appliances are more cost effective than gas appliances.
  • Explore rebates and subsidies to help you upgrade your appliances.

Once the ACT achieves our 100% renewable electricity target by 2020, natural gas will be responsible for over 20 per cent of the ACT’s emissions after 2020. The Government’s Climate Change Strategy is about sending a long term signal and having a plan to get to net zero emissions over the next twenty-five years. Find out more at