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Maintaining your split system reverse cycle air conditioner

Cleaning your air conditioner will maximise its performance and save you money on energy bills.

Follow the steps below to keep your air conditioner in Actsmart shape.

Step 1. Check the instruction manual
Your air conditioner’s instruction manual should include maintenance instructions. If you do not have the booklet, you may be able to find a copy on the manufacturer’s website.

Step 2. Turn your air conditioner off
Use the remote control to turn your air conditioner off while the indoor and outdoor unit is being cleaned.

Step 3. Clean the indoor unit
Remove dust and debris from the indoor unit, including from the filter and louvers. You can do this yourself or a professional can do it for you.

Step 4. Clean the outdoor unit
Remove coverings, plants or debris from the outdoor unit. This encourages air circulation and prevents your system from over-heating. You can do this yourself or a professional can do it for you.

Top Tips

  • Clean your air conditioner at least once a season. Preventing the build-up of dust and debris helps your air conditioner to keep you comfy throughout the year.
  • Get your air conditioner professionally serviced once a year, ideally before winter

Air conditioner units, indoors and outdoors: