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Tips for Lighting

1. Replace halogens with LEDs
LEDs use 20% of the power of halogens and last five times as long.

2. Replace incandescent lights with CFLs or LEDs
Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL’s) are more efficient, last longer and have comparable lumen (light) output to traditional incandescent lights. There are also LED equivalents available in stores.

3. Reduce lighting use
Turn lights off when leaving an area and use lamps instead of lighting the entire room

4. Pick the right light colour
LED’s and CFL’s have had a bad reputation for their ‘cold’ white light. New generation lights have solved that problem with ‘warm’ yellow lights now available. Look at the kelvin number, which indicates the warmth of the light. The lower the number, the more yellow the output, 3000K indicates a traditional incandescent yellow colour up to, while at the other end of the spectrum 6500K is a bright, blue-white colour.

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