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Top 5 Low-cost / No-cost tips

1. Behaviour
Thinking about how you use energy in your home can help to drastically reduce your bills. Consider switching appliances off at the wall when not in use and adjusting your behaviours to use energy during off-peak times (10pm and 7am). Reducing the time spent in shower and the temperature setting of your heater can save you significantly over the year. When buying new appliances, always go for items with the highest energy star rating.

2. Zoning
Shutting internal doors allows you to retain heat in the areas of the house that are occupied and limits the amount of heating needed. If you have a ducted system, close off vents in the areas of the house that aren’t being used.

3. Heated Throw rugs
These allow you to stay warm while reducing the heating usage through the house. They cost between $40 to $80 and cost 2-4c per hour to run.

4. Draught Proofing
Sealing cracks and gaps around the house is cheap and straight-forward to do and will keep your house warmer through winter.

5. Space heating
Rather than using your ducted system to heat the whole house, use an efficient space heater in the rooms that are occupied.

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