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Wood Heater Replacement Program

WHRP Tuggeranong

The Actsmart Wood Heater Replacement Program (WHRP) aims to improve the ACT’s air quality by offering financial incentives for the removal and disposal of domestic wood burning heaters and their replacement with efficient electric heating systems.

Why should I replace my wood heater?

Wood smoke contains a range of pollutants which can be harmful to the environment and your health. In winter, wood heaters used for home heating create particle pollution in Canberra. This can create a haze that reduces visibility, causes breathing difficulty for some people and is a major source of air pollution in Canberra.

Switch to an energy efficient electric form of heating to help you save money, health and the environment.

Why switch from a wood heater to a reverse cycle electric heating system?

Reverse cycle air conditioners are the cheapest heating type to run. They can be ducted to heat and cool your whole house, or wall mounted to service part of your house.

For more information visit our web page on reverse cycle air conditioners.

What rebates are available?

Rebate 1:  Removal or decommission of a wood heater - $250

Rebate 2:  Wood heater removal and installation of a ducted electric reverse cycle system - $1250

Rebate 3: Wood heater removal and installation of electric reverse cycle split system (minimum 3 star) - $750

Rebate 4:   Wood heater removal and upgrade of electric reverse cycle system (minimum 3 star) - $750

Please note: Actsmart does not provide a removal or installation service.
How can I apply?

For more information and eligibility conditions please see the application form or contact a Program Officer by phoning Access Canberra on 13 22 81 or emailing

You can download the PDF versions here:

Please note: Due to COVID-19, all site inspections are currently happening virtually.