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Saving energy in schools

The ACT Government has a bold target to achieve carbon neutrality in public schools by 2020.

The Actsmart Schools program helps schools support the government with this target. The program provides FREE support, practical tips, tools and and resources to help all schools more sustainably manage their energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Actsmart Schools Energy Education Officer is available to visit your school.

Every public school built before 2011 has received a comprehensive energy audit report and FREE Energy Best Practice Guide. The guide provides step-by-step instructions and recommendations to help schools reduce energy consumption and develop an energy action plan.

Schools that implement audit recommendations, adopt sustainable energy management strategies, demonstrate reductions in energy consumption and prove they are committed to saving energy, can be accredited under Actsmart Schools.

For a copy of your school's audit report, the Energy Best Practice Guide or for more information email or call the Actsmart Schools Officers on 6207 6430 or 6207 6317.