Government Operations

ACT Government staff using electric car and bicycle for transportEvery year the ACT Government contributes about 5% of the Territory's total greenhouse gas emissions. It might not sound like a lot but we believe 5% is too much. We are committed to become carbon neutral (net zero emissions) by 2020, as a first step towards a more sustainable Territory.

To do so, we have defined a series of actions under the Carbon Neutral Government Framework. These actions track and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across all agencies. Our main emissions sources come from:

  • electricity
  • gas
  • fuel
  • waste

We analyse and report agencies’ greenhouse gas emissions. By doing so, we can provide tailored advice to improve energy efficiency. Agencies can access financial support through the Carbon Neutral Government Fund. 25 projects have been funded so far, including the installation of LED lighting in more than 90 government buildings. These projects will save around $2 million per year!

A trial of pedal assisted electric bikes (e-bikes) was launched in August 2016. The fleet of e-bikes is now available for staff to use during work trips. The e-bike fleet expands the sustainable transport choices for ACT Government staff, which already includes MyWay cards in head offices for work use of public transport.

Our ambitious target and innovative approach have helped make Canberra an international leader for action on climate change.