Renewable Energy

Solar photovoltaic panel arrayEach year in the ACT we use about 2,900,000 megawatt hours of electricity in our homes and workplaces. In 2014-15, around 80% of this energy came from non-renewable sources creating 2.3 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2016 the ACT Government legislated a new target of sourcing 100% of the Territory’s electricity from renewable sources in the ACT or across the National Electricity Market by 2020. This includes roof-top solar, the Territory’s share of the national Renewable Energy Target and GreenPowerTM purchases.

Meeting this target requires some innovative thinking, like the reverse auction feed-in tariff mechanism being used to facilitate new investment in large-scale renewable generation facilities. This approach is the first of its kind in Australia.

Achieving the 100% target is expected to peak at around $5.50 per household per week in 2020 while reducing our emissions by around 2 million tonnes in that year.

Find out more about our renewable energy program in this short video.

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