Travel and transport

An artist's impression of light rail in Canberra

Improving Canberra’s transport system is crucial to our future. The world’s best and most liveable cities all have excellent transport systems, designed and planned in tandem with land use. These cities offer different and convenient transport options and are designed to be people friendly and easy to walk around.

Travel and transport are priorities of the ACT Government. That's why the government is working to reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions in Canberra. This includes making changes so that more of us walk, cycle and use public transport. The government wants it to be easy for us to move around our city. And it wants to improve transport links so we have better access to the wider region.

Government transport priorities include:

  • progressing the Canberra Metro light rail project
  • investing in new and improved bus services
  • investing in new and improved public transport infrastructure
  • encouraging active travel
  • encouraging car sharing
  • support future high speed light rail

For more information see Canberra Metro and Transport for Canberra.